About Us

Our Values

Complete Transparency

Far too often, companies over promise and under deliver. This is quite the contrary when it comes to Atomic Digital Marketing UK. We will provide accurate quotes with detailed breakdowns, guide you every step of the way in what we are doing and why, all whilst keeping you constantly informed as to how well our campaigns are preforming for you.

Your Success is Our Success

We are a UK Digital Marketing Agency that operates on the firm premise that the impact we have on our customers’ success will directly impact the success of our own business. Our mission empowers our team to deliver a high-quality and customer-centric service to each and every customer. 

It’s the Results that Matter

Pure and simple, that’s what we and our clients care about most – the bottom line! Cool, award-winning creative is great – but tangible results are even better. Atomic Digital Marketing UK strive for both.


About Our Client Engagement Process

Getting to Know You

  • 01 The Initial Meeting

    The first step is meeting each other. Initially we will organise a face-to-face meeting, the venue at your discretion, and begin the process. 

  • 02 About You and Your Targets

    At this meeting we want to know everything about you, your company, your customers, your short and long-term goals and exactly what you wish Atomic to achieve for you.

  • 03 Terms of Services and Requirements Recap

    After taking you through our terms of service we can start to develop a broad plan there and then, ensuring we have understood your requirements correctly and that you are happy with the work we will be carrying out. 

  • 04 Rough Quotation

    Once we know who you are and what needs to be achieved, we will provide a quotation for the project to give you an idea. We do not believe in under-quoting and under-delivering, which is why we say rough quotation at this stage!

Planning, Planning and Even More Planning

  • 01 Detailed Targets and Requirements

    This stage of the process is where we really begin to learn about your company in detail and finalise the plan. We will require close contact with a key member of your team during this phase. Specifically, we will need to know details about the products you are wishing to market; 

    • Which products
    • Their USP
    • The pricing & positioning
    • Customer journey 
    • Length of your sales cycle
    • Discounts and offers  
    • The key platforms you wish to market through (we may advise on additional platforms also during this stage)
    • Related goals, KPIs and targets
    • Ideal project time-frame
  • 02 Meticulous Planning Begins!

    Once step 1 of this phase is complete, Atomic will then be in a position to begin meticulously planning your project. 

  • 03 Communication

    During this stage communication is key! We will need to remain in close contact with a key member of your team in order to effectively guide the project towards implementation. 

  • 04 Final Quotation

    Once the detailed planning phase is complete, we will then be able to provide you with a exact quotation on the work involved. One of Atomic’s key values is that the final amount we quote will remain the amount you pay. No hidden costs. No additional Markups. If you are happy with price and the plans laid out, Atomic will formulate the agreement to begin the work! 

The Execution

  • 01 Establishing Milestones and Begin Work!

    At this stage of the process, Atomic will get to work! During this stage we will also establish a series of milestones with completion dates. 

  • 02 Consistent Feedback

    Throughout the process your key team member will be kept up to date through a pre-defined reporting schedule and after milestones. Your feedback during this time is very important.

  • 03 Final Revisions

    This is your opportunity to state any final revisions to us. If in particular it is PPC, CRO, SEO or SEM based projects, at this stage it is necessary to let us know your feedback on the results achieved after each milestone, either from the reports we will issue to you or customer feedback. We will then see what we can do to further improve our service to you. 

  • 04 Completion

    Finally, once the necessary revisions or improvements have been implemented, the project milestone will be signed off as complete. 

Reporting and Follow-Up

  • 01 reporting schedule

    Most projects, especially those involving PPC, CRO, SEO and SEM will require frequent reports and close liaison with a key member of your team to ensure you are happy with the results thus far. This could be bi-weekly, weekly or even monthly depending on the project and scope at hand. 

  • 02 Are you Satisfied?

    When reports are sent to you it is important for you to review with a fine tooth comb, to ensure you are satisfied with what has been achieved thus far and we will let you know the areas that remain in development. 

  • 03 Final Project Report

    At this point, we will produce a final project report to summarise the work to date. At this stage we will provide you with future targets and any areas of development you need to focus on. We will also liaise with you to make sure you are happy with the comprehensive report we have produced. 

  • 04 Overall Feedback and Testimonial

    Once the project and final reports have been completed we will request detailed feedback from you including a client testimonial, based on our performance and experience with us, which we strive to make sure is platinum! 

Our Digital Marketing Services

Content Marketing

Atomic Digital Marketing UK's team of content producers will create outstanding SEO optimised content for your exact business needs. Whether it’s blog related, landing page creation or even basic static website content, we can do it and at affordable prices.

Growth Strategy

Digital Marketing UK will produced dedicated and concise growth strategies to grow out your marketing channels. This will contain overviews of the strategy as well as specific tactics you can use moving forward to ensure you achieve the results you want. Your team will obtain 1:1 handholding on how to implement and maintain the strategy, whilst having access to the Digital Marketing UK team should you face any issues.

SEO Audit & Consulatation

Fortunately for you, Digital Marketing UK has a wealth of experience in ranking content for some of the most competitive industries and keywords in the world. From advanced link building strategies through to detailed information architecture design, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to drive your organic traffic to the next level and achieving ROIs you never thought would be possible.

PPC Marketing & Management

Are you struggling to achieve your objectives with PPC advertising?Our expert team can examine and optimise your PPC campaign to make sure your marketing brings in qualified leads and customers to help your business grow and develop. From advice to PPC management, Atomic Digital Marketing UK's experienced team lives and breathes PPC and can provide the help you need to turn your search, display or social campaign into a major source of growth for your business.

Marketing Design

Based in Manchester, in the heart of this technological and innovation-rich city, our office is a hub of creative energy, and attract the most professional and creative designers. Atomic Digital Marketing UK works hard to offer outstandingly beautiful websites and mobile applications, brochures, flyers etc. for you and your developers to work with. We will remain transparent throughout, with no hidden costs and endeavour to cater to your exact needs in all areas of design.

Social Media Marketing

When you work with Custard, you can expect a level of service rarely seen in the SEO and marketing industry. Our clients regularly compliment us on our refreshingly proactive approach which allows them to feel relaxed about their social media campaigns. We’ll work with you and your team to understand your social media goals, your brands tone of voice, your key messages and your KPIs, so we can introduce a strategy that will help you meet your targets. Whether the strategy hangs on product launches, competitions or being a constant source of topical news, Atomic Digital Marketing UK can help.

Meet The Atomic Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing UK's Team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world's most formidable marketing organisations and startups. Let us apply this profound knowledge to escalate your business to a new level.

Matt Carter

Founder & Director

Simon James

Executive Director

Julie Anne

Finance Director

Jack Benson

Client Relationship Manager

Ashley Johnson

Digital Performance Manager

Verity Ivy Penekit

Facebook Marketing Specialist