4 Tips for Selecting Keywords in SEO Strategy

Matthew Carter Content Marketing, SEO

Integrating and embedding keywords into content and pages throughout websites are the bread and butter of SEO. When potential clientele conduct a google search, you need your website to rank highly. This can be made even harder if the industry you are is in particularly competitive. Here’s a few tips to ensure you have that competitive edge against your competition in your SEO strategy.

  1. Do Check Out the Competition

In developing your keyword strategy, it’s imperative to research your competition. This is for two reasons;

  • You need to know just how much competition there actually is. If an industry is highly competitive, your keyword strategy will differ in comparison to if there is little competition.
  • By researching competition, it’s possible to identify what keywords they may be using. This will help generate your initial list of keywords when starting out ready to run through tools such as Google Keyword Planner.
  1. Do Keyword Research

Researching your competition’s keywords is one way of identifying what keywords or keyword phrases you may want to research deeper. Once you already have a list of your competitor’s keywords, secondly, we recommend;

  • Making a list of obvious keywords or keyword phrases YOU think pertain to your company and industry.
  • Asking colleagues and friends
  • Thinking about commonly misspelled words to include in your list.
  • Thinking about synonyms for your keywords.

Once you have your initial list of keywords, it’s now time to run them through a keyword planner (Google Keyword Planner – Requires AdWords Account). By doing this you will obtain a few key results which require further analysis;

  • Competition – how competitive the word is i.e. how many other companies are using that word in their keyword strategy.
  • Search Volume – how frequently that keyword is searched. Competitive and frequently searched words for example may reach search volumes between 10k-100k per month.
  • Average Bid – this is how much other companies are paying on average to win auctions and therefore be displayed higher in the search engines. It is suggested when beginning any AdWords campaigns to level your bid around this average – depending on the performance of the campaign this can then be optimised by decreasing or increasing.

For the purpose of this tip however, we are really currently only looking at competition and search volume. The key from these two statistics for each keyword is to find those which have a high search volume and low competition. Identifying and implementing these keywords will help ensure your site is discovered whilst also keeping average bidding levels to a minimum if you decide to proceed with an AdWords campaign.

  1. Don’t Use Generic Keywords

Generic keywords are searchable or identifiable words that have a relatively wide scope. The reason to avoid generic keywords is that they will;

  • Be highly competitive despite with high search volumes.
  • Be associated with very high average bid prices.
  1. Don’t Rely on Your Intuition

It’s very common for people starting websites and companies to think that they know best and understand exactly what keywords or keyword phrases should be used. Don’t fall into this trap!

Identifying a concrete set of keywords using the above tips is paramount before beginning to produce masses of content and publishing pages for your site. SEO is a large topic and as part of your SEO strategy, keyword planning and research we heavily advise should be one of the first things you do. Having a firm grip and understanding on what users are actually searching for, clicking on and what the average bid is associated with these keywords will not only hopefully give you a competitive edge, but also decrease digital marketing costs in the future. Many companies plough money into online advertising, PPC campaigns, AdWords and so on, without any real consideration or strategising over the SEO and digital marketing techniques which can be employed for free. Your ranking can be improved dramatically without spending a penny so do this first!

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