SEO Consultation

SEO consultation is one of our best selling has highest achieving online marketing services. We have helped countless companies improve their ranking without spending a penny on advertising, predominantly through SEO. Our Team has a wealth of experience in ranking content for some of the most competitive industries and keywords in the world. From advanced link building strategies through to detailed information architecture design, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to drive your organic traffic to the next level and achieving ROIs you never thought would be possible. 

SEO Audit

As part of our SEO Consultation process, Atomic can conduct a full-scope SEO audit on your entire website. The audits usually take around one day but will clearly highlight the areas you need to improve on in order to improve your SEO. After the auditing process, a full-report will be issued to you highlighting downfalls, areas to improve and how to achieve this. 

The audit will include both visible and non-visible content and we will use a plethora of SEO auditing tools to establish where you currently stand and what you can do to improve. Atomic can implement changes for you, or you are more than welcome to take the auditing results and implement them yourselves based on the report we issue to you. 

Keyword Strategies

The bread and butter of any SEO strategy is ensuring your keyword strategy is 100% on-point. As part of our SEO consultation process we will conduct extensive research into your company, your competition, your goals, target audiences and so on, with the sole aim of trying to identify a solid initial keyword list to initiate your SEO strategy. 

Once a concrete keyword list has been created, we will then strategise on how and where these keywords are to be implement whilst explaining to you the reasons why. 

SEO Consultation - Atomic Digital Marketing UK

On Page Optimisation & Technical Crawl Abilities

On-page optimisation is often overlooked by many companies. This is nonsensical as it can dramatically improve search engine rankings without spending a penny on advertising. In this element of our SEO consultation process, we will audit and advise on;

  • Technical crawl abilities (outbound linking, internal linking etc.)
  • General layout
  • Headings
  • Meta-tags and descriptions
  • Keyword densities and positioning
  • Images densities and attributes

Good Quality Page Content

Also as part of our SEO consultation process, we will analyse the page and post content you currently have upon your site. From this we can then advise on changes that need to be made to your SEO strategy  and offer tools to help you improve page/post quality going forward. 

Atomic also offers content creation services whereby highly effective, engaging and well-written SEO optimised content can be produced for you. Our team will sit down with your team to understand your company, ethos, target audience, tone and short/long-term goals to ensure the content being produced sits perfectly in-line with your organisation.